Small update
May 7, 2009  |  News

As you can see the mix download section has been changed a fair bit, but now its much easier to find things and also easy for me to keep track of what I’ve uploaded already.

Another thing is that all the mixes now have a new link so you can download via torrent. This service is provided by via their content distribution service. Many people may not know what that is, so to quote their website:

Content Distribution is a new service of Mininova which allows content creators to easily publish and distribute their content for free. Mininova sponsors the required seeding bandwidth and provides the exposure on the website. Advantages for users include higher quality premium content availability and higher transfer speeds, without additional costs. Distributed content is marked as “Featured torrents” at the Mininova front-page.

If you’ve never used torrents then there are plenty of guides available, one of the easiest but complete guides is found here (link).

The mixes have only been available via mininova for about 18 hours but already have over 800 downloads from 76 countries. -STATS PIC HERE-

In the next few days I will be posting some more mixes, but a few different styles so not too just target one group of people but everyone.

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